Vagli Sotto

Vagli Sotto

This weekend, I had the chance to visit Vagli Sotto, a city located at the heart of Tuscany in Italy. This city is famous for its beautiful nature and its irregular-shaped lake where you can enjoy multiple entertaining activities. After a long roadtrip of magnificent sceneries, we finally made it there. Let me tell you a bit about a day at Vagli Sotto.

A Little Bit of History

On the bottom of the lake, under the water, there is an ancient village which was submerged when the dam/barrage was built. The last time the village saw the light was in 1994 when the lake was emptied to execute the dam’s maintenance.

I heard people saying that the barrage might be emptied next year 2021. So hopefully I’ll be able to take some real pictures and upload them for you.

Submerged Ancient Village on the bottom of Vagli Sotto's lake (picture taken from Google)
Submerged Ancient Village on the bottom of Vagli Sotto’s lake (picture taken from Google)


The center of the city where the lake is located is equipped with a rather small parking. By the time we arrived there (12:30 PM), it was already full. However, you can park on the main road and in the streets.

The location of the parking is perfect because it is a few steps away from the lake.

Main Activities to do at Vagli Sotto

1- Hiking:

Once there, you can clearly see a hiking trail and a pedestrian entrance which is free of charge. The path is on the borders of the lake so you can always see the lake on your right side. At the beginning of the trail there is a small farm where you can see donkeys and goats wandering around. Then, you start entering nature. During your hike, you will see a lot of artistic marble statues and a kids’ playground. Furthermore, there are a few tables and chairs on your way where you can sit and rest, relax and listen to the sound of nature, or have a little snack.

Right after the playground, you will find a big wooden bridge that lets you cross over the lake. The bridge is large and safe and has a surprise for you. The end of it is made out of transparent glass on which you can walk and see the lake beneath you.

You should know that the hike level is very easy. People of all ages can do it.

Video of the view from the bridge at Vagli Sotto
The glass part of the bridge where you can see Vagli Sotto's lake underneath it
The glass part of the bridge where you can see the lake underneath it

2- Zipline:

If you are courageous enough and do not fear heights, then the Zipline is what you need. It let’s you fly over the lake and you can choose between 3 positions of flying: free style, angel and seated.

The ticketing office is at the beginning of the park, otherwise you can book your ticket online here.

You will be taken with a shuttle to the Zipline location where you will fly and land on the other part of the lake.

3- Public Pool:

If you are visiting Vagli Sotto during summer, you have the chance to swim in the public pool located at the beginning of the park and in the middle of nature.

4- Snacks:

If you feel thirsty or hungry, there’s a small kiosk where you can buy food and drinks to satisfy your needs.

5- Souvenirs:

Right before the entrance of the park, you will find a wooden kiosk that sells marble souvenirs.

Restaurant: Radicchi at Vagli Sotto

Ristorante Radicchi is the first restaurant that welcomes you in the city. If you’re a fan of authentic homemade italian food, then you must definitely try it. Furthermore, the restaurant has the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen when sitting on the terrace outside.

The view from Radicchi Restaurant's terrace at Vagli Sotto
The view from Radicchi Restaurant’s terrace

The restaurant doesn’t have a proper menu, however the waiter/waitress will list it for you.

As an appetizer, we chose a cold cut platter served with olives and 3 types of bruschettas.

However, what I loved the most about this restaurant is the possibility to mix and match any pasta with any sauce they have. There were 3 types of pasta: maccheroni, ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta and tordelli filled with meat ragù to which you can combine a sauce of your preference such as pesto, funghi, meat ragù… So we tried the ravioli with walnuts sauce and the tordelli with the meat ragù. They both tasted fantastic and fresh.

For dessert, we had a pinenut cake (similar to a simple english cake with pinenuts on top) and a blackberries jam tart and we honestly loved both for their simplicity.

Recommendations when visiting Vagli Sotto

  • I advise you to book a table at the restaurant to secure a place on the terrace outside.
  • I also advise you to book the zipline online before going to Vagli Sotto. If you don’t have a reservation you might wait for a while to get to the zipline or might not even find a place at all.
  • It is best if you arrive at the park early in the morning (by 9AM) so you can find a parking spot, have enough time for the hike and do other activities as well. Plus, the weather will be less hot.
  • Last but not least, remember to wear comfy clothes and hiking shoes.

I hope you liked a day at Vagli Sotto and consider visiting it if you happen to be in Italy. For more culinary experiences, visit my blog and follow me on Social Media, links on your right or down below.

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  • I will definitely visot Vagli Sotto, thank you Jess for this brief explanation. I’m so into ziplining, and I really can’t wait to walk on that bridge. Besides food is so important for me, would like to taste the ravioli Pasta.

    • Thank you Majd for your lovely comment. I would love to hear about your adventure once you visit Vagli Sotto. 🙂

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