Mango Float

Mango Float

This time, for a change, I will be sharing with you an exotic Filipino dessert recipe called Mango Float. Made from biscuits, cold sweet cream and fresh mangoes, it is a must during summer.

  • DifficultyVery easy
  • CostCheap
  • Preparation time20 Minutes
  • Cooking methodNo cooking
  • CuisineFilipino


Mango Float Ingredients
  • 2mangoes
  • 400 gheavy cream (Fridge cold)
  • 200 gcondensed milk (Fridge cold)
  • 1.5 packsbiscuits (Preferably Graham Crackers)


  1. First of all, start by cutting the mangoes into small cubes or thin slices and keep them aside for later use.

  2. Then, pour the heavy cream in a big bowl and whip it with your mixer until it becomes fluffy and presents hard peaks.

    To ensure the success of the cream-whipping, all ingredients and tools must be fridge-cold. I usually display the whisks and the bowl in the fridge as well.

  3. Once done, start pouring the condensed milk over the whipped cream a little at a time. Fold gently the condensed milk into the cream with a spatula doing circular movements from the outside to the inside until both ingredients are incorporated together.

  4. It’s assembling time now. In a recipient of your choice, start by layering the biscuits covering the bottom of the recipient. Then, spread all over the biscuits one third of the cream. And finally, sprinkle one third of the mango cubes.

    Repeat this process thrice, for a total of 3 layers. The third top layer should always be mango.

  5. Store in the fridge overnight, letting the biscuits soak into the cream. Serve and enjoy cold.

Mango Float

Mango Float

I hope you enjoyed the Mango Float recipe.

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