A Small Perspective on my Stand Mixer

A Small Perspective on my Stand Mixer

I would like to share with you a small perspective on my stand mixer because it has been a real journey choosing it and it is a decision that really changed my life in terms of time and energy.

I recently decided to invest in a kitchen stand mixer to improve the quality of my cakes and doughs, and because I was really tired of all the whisking and kneading by hand. And there began the research for the most performant economical kitchen mixer on the market. I had set a list of specifications I would wish to find in a machine that I am sharing with you:

  • Powerful: to be able to knead all kinds of heavy doughs,
  • Has a large stirring jug that allows me to prepare big quantities of mixtures,
  • Has the 3 most important tools: dough hook, stirring hook and whisk attachment,
  • And most importantly, an affordable price.

After several months of research, I found the machine that satisfied my wishes. It had all the specifications I was looking for, in addition to a set of handy features I never thought about.

Let me introduce to you my new best friend Girmi IM30 stand mixer.

My Stand Mixer

a Small Perspective on my stand mixer: Pros vs. Cons
Pros vs. Cons of my stand mixer: Girmi IM30


  • First of all, it has 8 speeds with a pulse function for maximum speed. I have tried it when preparing cake batters and whipping cream and it is fantastic. You can achieve any result you want with literally few minutes.
  • Furthermore, it is 1300 watts powerful. It kneads any hard dough saving you the trouble to do it yourself by hand.
  • It’s working noise didn’t really bother me much. It is very acceptable compared to other machines I have tried.
  • This stand mixer is at the same time light-weight (6.3kgs) and very stable. Thanks to suction cups placed at its base, they prevent it from moving when working at high speed or kneading hard dough.
  • The Girmi IM30 lets you produce a maximum of 2.4kgs of mixtures and doughs.
  • It has a transparent removable lid that lets you add ingredients. You can also remove it and clean it easily.
  • I received the machine with the 3 accessories I desired: dough hook, stirring hook and whisk attachment.
  • For maximum safety, the stand mixer turns off automatically after 10 minutes of continuous work. This could be a rare inconvenience when working complex doughs.
  • All of its components are dishwasher safe, which saves you the trouble of washing them yourself.
  • For what concerns its esthetic appearance, I honestly found it very chic and simple, and its color is combinable with any kitchen.
  • The machine has a 2 years guarantee.
  • Last but not least, you have the possibility of buying and installing on the stand mixer a glass blender, a meat grinder and a pasta maker for optimal use of the machine.

When I bought this beauty from Amazon, it was sold at 114 euros which is, in my opinion, more than a reasonable price for its potential and features.


Almost all of the inconveniences I could think of are linked to the stirring jug:

  • I would have loved to have a handle on the stirring jug wich allows you to carry it when pouring down mixtures.
  • The jug is not graduated neither from the inside nor from the outside. It could have been a nice feature to know the level of your mixture.
  • A spout on the jug would definitely reduce spilling when pouring down its content.
  • Finally, a cookbook with recipes to try would have been a nice idea.

I have prepared for you a Criteria Checklist to keep in mind when choosing your own stand mixer. I definitely advise you to always read reviews about the products you are planning to buy.

Criteria Checklist for choosing a stand mixer

Here is a video of Chef Carlotta Lolli showing the features and preparing bread with the Girmi IM30 Stand Mixer.

The Girmi IM30 have been tested several times for different preparations and I’ve always been satisfied of each result. I can proudly say that I would buy it all over again and I definitely recommend it.

I hope my article gave you a little bit of perspective when it comes to the criteria to set when choosing a stand mixer. Let me know your thoughts about mixers in the below comments.

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